Client recommendations

We have collaborated with Curt for 15 years and he remains one of the most important creative partners in the history of our agency. Whatever concept we share with Curt, he always makes it better. And whatever commercial or piece of corporate communications he ultimately creates, our clients always see results. That’s why he remains such a strategic asset for FVM. Smart. Approachable. The real deal. And he’s the most likeable curmudgeon with whom you’ll ever work.

Paul Fleming, CEO
FVM Strategic Communications

In 20+ years in the advertising business, Curt and his team have always been my favorite production company to work with, by far. They bring so much to the table, they are a huge asset to any production. They never disappoint. I've always gotten outstanding results, and felt like the end product was a real collaboration. The final result is always better than when I wrote it, because Curt and his crew have such great insight, and are generous with sharing it. Curt and Company bring so much value, expertise, humor, creativity, enthusiasm, clarity, dedication, professionalism, and they are just plain fun to work with. Curt is an inspiring leader, kind, collaborative and generous. He's even great with clients! I highly recommend Curt and his team, and would work with them again in a heartbeat, given the opportunity. With Curt Crane, you can't go wrong.

Rita Lindsay-Sonatore, Creative Director
FieldView Solutions

Curt is the consummate professional, delivering beyond expectations for our advertising agency time and time again. The success of our television advertising is due in no small part to Curt's role not only as a director, but also as a valued creative contributor

Michael Forge, VP of Strategic Communication

Curt is a trusted and valued member of our advertising firm's external team. His skill and insight have helped elevate our firm's TV commercials work to new heights. Every spot we have worked on with Curt has suceeded to drive results for our clients and win national acclaim and awards for our firm. He has served as our director for over 20 years as well as our producer. Curt always brings something to the table and helps to make our ideas come to life while finding ways to make them better. He stays with us through delivery of the final spot which is great asset to a small but talented agency like ours. I couldn't him recommend him more, just don't book him when we need him.

John Havrilla, CEO/Owner

Isuspect that many in my position wait until the storyboards are approved before looking for a commercial director. In our case, we talk to Curt before we start the storyboards. Inevitably he adds value ... brings vision ... and helps us make the right decisions early on. We've always been more than pleased with the outcome and, along the way, we have a good time, too. Curt's sense of humor makes every project more fun, though he's very serious about delivering something HB&M and our clients can take pride in. Hey, are you allowed to end a sentence with a preposition now? I think I heard that somewhere.

Richard C. Scheflen , SVP, Creative Director
Harris, Baio & McCullough Advertising & PR