Curt Crane is a writer-producer-director, who created Curt Crane Productions, Inc., a New Jersey-based company specializing in the development, creation and production of TV commercials, TV and webisode projects and feature films.

Curt grew up in New Jersey, playing garage band rock-and-roll, hanging out around horses, and failing algebra several times. After high school, Curt survived seven years of banging around the professional rodeo circuit riding bulls, ultimately landing at Rutgers University where he earned an English degree. Curt then began his next career as a freelance writer, soon writing his way into the ad business and eventually becoming an agency creative director before moving on to the film production side of the business.

Throughout his career, Curt has directed, produced, written and co-written projects for a wide variety of well known national, international and regional names, including DirecTV, Motorola, NY Life, AIG, BASF, Nascar, and Geisinger. He has also created notable pro bono work for MADD, The American Cancer Society, the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and many others. Along the way he has worked with film, TV, music and sports stars, as well as grizzly bears, racehorses, mice, ants and a ton of kids.

Additionally, Curt has extensive experience in directing and producing politics and political initiative spots on national and statewide issues, such as healthcare reform and gaming.

Curt has homes and offices in both New Jersey and Los Angeles and shoots projects on both coasts and everywhere in between.